The First Self-Exploration Card Deck Created by a Black Female Psychologist for Other Women of Color. 

My Therapy Cards deck is not just another deck of self-care. This card deck has been carefully curated by a psychologist woman of color with the intention of helping other women of color grow and elevate in the areas of emotional and mental health! Dr. Ebony is bringing the therapy office to your doorstep and expanding the convo about mental health. Now you can engage in real self-discovery using real therapy techniques, instead of social media fluff.

About The Creator.

Dr. Ebony

Dr. Ebony is a Licensed Psychologist, Food Relationship Strategist, Consultant, Author, & Host. Although she wears many hats, Dr. Ebony's passion is helping people break free from the mental, emotional, and systemic issues that are holding them back. She created My Therapy Cards to bridge the gap for the many barriers that make it difficult for people to engage in therapy services. Ideally, Dr. Ebony's mission is for the cards to serve as a tool to help you understand your problem areas and begin to do the work in the areas keeping you from living your best life!

Why My Therapy Cards

Self-care is all the trend these days, and this is beyond great! However, we need more! We need to get down into the thick of it and do our work! I mean, let's be real, self-care isn't always fluffy and pretty like we see on social media. Sometimes self-care is a pillow full of tears, sitting in uncomfortable emotions without trying to change them, and setting boundaries with people you love. Sometimes it hurts! My Therapy Cards will guide and support you through a process of self-exploration and self-discovery that will help you work through those mental blocks, habits, and trigger responses that no longer work for you! 

The Process.

According to Dr. Ebony's framework for sustainable change, there are three main roadblocks that get in the way of people being able to create the changes that they want to see in their lives. These are mental blocks, habits, blocks, and ineffective trigger responses. My Therapy Cards leads you through the process of working through some core issues in each of these problem areas! 

 Mental Blocks

The mental block cards will help you uncover and understand the thoughts, beliefs, and ideals that are getting in the way and keeping you stuck! 


The habit block cards will guide you through a process of exploring those habits that are no longer working for you. Replacing those bad habits with more effective ones is the key to moving your feet from the quicksand! 

Trigger Responses

The trigger block cards help you realize what your triggers are and explore if how you're responding to them is actually helping you or digging you deeper into stuckness. You'll be able to identify more effective coping skills to help you reach your highest self! 

Who Can Use My Therapy Cards?

My Therapy Cards are ideal for everyday people, clients, and THERAPISTS! They are written plain enough for everyone to understand. Whether you are in therapy or want to do your own self-discovery, this deck is for you! My Therapy Cards are also GREAT for therapists to use with their clients! Clients and therapists can use the deck to spark conversation and between session work! What's not to love?!

Emotion Identifying Tool

Emotion Wheel

Emotions are complex and sometimes we don't know the exact ones that are coming up. That's why the the Emotion Wheel card is included. This card will help you identify which emotions are present so that you can work through them with more effectiveness! 

If you would like to anonymously donate a deck of My Therapy Cards to a woman of color, please use this option! We appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

Tasks, Journaling,  & Naming

Mindset, Habits, & Triggers

The card deck is divided into 3 categories -  Mindset, Habits, & Triggers. Tasks and prompts in each of these areas help you to gain clarity and insight into how to address issues creating the most difficulty in your life. 

If you would like to anonymously donate a deck of My Therapy Cards to a woman of color, please use this option! We appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

Fun Alone or With Others

It's Your Choice!

You can work through the card deck alone or you can choose to work through them with trusted friends and family. Therapists and clients can also use My Therapy Cards for in session and between session work. There's no right or wrong way to use the cards, just your way!

If you would like to anonymously donate a deck of My Therapy Cards to a woman of color, please use this option! We appreciate your thoughtfulness! 


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